Characters (in order of appearance)


Haruka and Kakeru both wake up in the locked room. Kakeru wants to escape, but Suigetsu explains that there is a spell on the door, so it will not open from the inside.

Ichigou continues to pursue Souji Hiura, demanding to know where he put Kakeru. Ichigou is distracted when tree roots burst through the floor, which temporarily allows Souji to escape.

On the battlefield, the formerly brainwashed combatants all wake up. Tatsuki tells Shichirou Ougi that they are waiting for medical units, but so far there has been no word on whether or not Masamori Sumimura has taken out the Commander.

Masamori discovers the Oumi brothers seemingly dead on the castle roof. Nichinaga slowly rises, guessing that Masamori came to kill him. Nichinaga asks him to wait a moment, as he is taking all the stolen memories from Tsukihisa's head.

Growing frustrated that she cannot escape the locked room, Kakeru is stunned by the idea that she cannot break such a simple spell. She suspects it is because she used all her power on the World Destruction spell. To confirm this, she bites her wrist, and the wound does not heal instantly as it normally would for her. Suigetsu tries to bandage her, but Kakeru refuses because she thinks Suigetsu is the reason that the king lost his mind. Suigetsu agrees, and says they promised to be together forever, but she had forgotten. The tremors continue.

Tokine Yukimura wakes up to find a mysterious figure watching over her.


Volume 34
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