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Nichinaga Oumi is shocked to discover that his brother Tsukihisa Oumi is possessing Zero. Tsukihisa explains that it was difficult to survive: Zero destroyed his former body from the air, and Masamori was protected by his Zekkai so the only body to latch onto were those of forest creatures. Tsukihisa possessed a nearby bird, then flew to Zero, possessing him. Nichinaga insists that he scanned Zero's mind several times, but Tsukihisa says his mental control is simply more advanced than Nichinaga's. Tsukihisa is puzzld by the fact that Nichinaga never seemed to want to use his mental powers, which made him easy prey. Tsukihisa says he will give Nichinaga's corpse to the resistance as a trophy. Tsukihisa intends to escape punishment by saying he was under Nichinaga's control. Then he will simply wait for someone like Masamori Sumimura to recreate the Shadow Organization, so he can take it over someone in control and rule it a second time. Serpents emerge from Nichinaga's body, and Tsukihisa quickly backs away. Nichinaga guesses that Tsukihisa's current power isn't completely restrored. He also suspects it is current weaker than his own, and sends his serpents after Tsukihisa. Tsukihisa retreats to a flying demon and decides Nichinaga is too dangerous to keep in one piece. Though he is concerned about presenting a mangled corpse, he intends to blame it on someone else. The castle's tree suddenly grows, nearly dislodging him. Enraged by his brother's plan, Nichinaga prepares to take desperate measures.

Haku has fallen, and Nura Kidoin is knocked out. Gin worries that their command line will fall apart. Tatsuki is especially concerned, because she sees the Commander's snakes approaching Nura, which would instantly end the battle. However, just as Nura is possessed and stands, she collapses. Shichirou defeats Juho, and notices serpents fleeing from his body. The serpents all leave the battlefield in one great flood.

As Masamori Sumimura battles the Gatekeeper, the flood of serpents burst through the spirit world entrance, running straight though their fight.

As Tsukihisa prepares to destroy Nichinaga's body, the flood of snakes arrives, washing over Tsukihisa.


Volume 34
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