Characters (in order of appearance)


Masamori Sumimura thanks Mudou for leading him to the spirit world entrance. Mudou says the Commander will be in the castle. Masamori enters the painting, and instantly finds that the creature on the painting is real, and serves as the gatekeeper. It refuses to let Masamori pass.

Haku continues to take heavy fire from Juho's pillars and attempts to protect Nura Kidoin, who is unharmed but worried about him. Kuro finds Gin alive on the ground. Gin is concerned about Nura, because her control suffers when her heart wavers. Haku takes a heavy blow to the head before Nura's eyes.

Nichinaga Oumi studies the castle's tree and sees it is growing. Ichigou now thinks the tremors are caused the tree's growth, since the basement is now overrun with its roots. Nichinaga suspects the land's god is now awake. He thinks the god may be enraged, but he doesn't care so long as it allows him to use Hakuma's power. However, he refuses to accept being betrayed by Suigetsu. Ichigou asks if there is something special about Suigetsu. Nichinaga says that Suigetsu is his wife, from long ago. Ichigou suddenly spots Souji Hiura and chases after him. Souji flees, leading Ichigou through the castle. Ichigou demands to know where Souji took Kakeru, and Souji suddenly turns to fight him.

Zero suddenly approaches Nichinaga, who asks where he has been. Zero says he has been preparing to run, though if all goes well, he won't need to. Zero creates a sword and drives it though Nichinaga's chest, causing him to collapse. Zero says the body that Nichinaga chose is only good at spellcasting, which any human with power can do. Zero, on the other hand, chose a body with power and fighting skill in order to protect himself. Zero reveals himself to be possessed by Tsukihisa, Nichinaga's supposedly dead younger brother.


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