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Odo and Hakudo, who were brainwashed earlier, are captured and bound by Nura Kidoin's ogres. Hakota reports this to other members of the Night Troop. Sen Kagemiya regrets he doesn't have Hakota's eyes, because he wants to see the Kurokabuto defeated.

Kagen Shiromi faces the remaining Kurokabuto and Meian. Shiromi uses his Ayakashi Majiri traits to boost his abilities, but as he begins to destroy the Kurokabuto, a flood of the Commander's serpents emerges from it's eyes and try to overwhelm him. Shiromi is narrowly saved by Shichirou Ougi, who destroys the serpents and kills Meian before vanishing.

Realizing that the army is now targeting Nura, Gin moves to protect her. He creates a giant ball of ice and drops in on Tsumugi Kazuchika's giant puppet, freezing him in the process.

Shichirou throws Kusaribe Gaiji into a building, which only leaves Juho of the brainwashed executives still fighting. One of Juho's energy pillars hits Haku's wing, knocking Gin off his shoulder.

Masamori Sumimura finds the old entrance to the spirit world blocked by debris, and begins searching for another. Mudou appears and offers to be Masamori's guide, if he agrees to make a contract with him. Masamori agrees, and Mudou makes Masamori swear that he will never try to avenge him. Masamori says he is doing it for himself. Mudou leads Masamori to the headquarters' treasure room, where there is a giant painting of either a snake or a dragon with two heads on the ceiling. Mudou says the painting is the entrance to the spirit world.


Volume 34
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