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A brainwashed Ougi man attempts to pass one of the Commander's psychic serpents to one of Nura Kidoin's ogres. However, Nura's control over the ogre is so complete that he resists the serpent's effects and subdues the man with no trouble. Kagen Shiromi is impressed with her ability, noting that if the Ayakashi portion of him were an ogre, he would wish to serve her, too. He sees that Gin even seems to draw some enjoyment from being under Nura's control.

However, just when things seem to be going the resistance's way, the brainwashed executives Juho, Kusaribe Gaiji, Tsumugi Kazuchika, and Meian (with his two Kurokabuto enter the battle. Tatsuki instructs Shichirou Ougi to target the executives, but to be absolutely sure to kill Meian, who can control others. She warns him not to be seen, however, as many are watching, and she wants to use the war as a basis for Nura taking over the Shadow Organization. Shiromi enters the battle, completely destroying one of the Kurokabuto.

Masamori Sumimura ventures deeper in the headquarters, searching for the Commander, who does not seem to be present.

In his castle, Nichinaga Oumi is distressed because he cannot generate more serpents without Haruka, who is still missing. Ichigou informs him that Kakeru is missing as well, though Souji Hiura was seen carrying her somewhere. Nichinaga tells Ichigou that Suigetsu, Haruka, and Kakeru are all missing, and that Zero and Souji are missing and avoiding capture, so they must be involved. However, he is confident they could not leave the spirit world with the war going on. Nichinaga orders Ichigou to find the traitors, as they must by close by.


Volume 34
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