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Shichirou Ougi puts a stop to the wind, signalling the start of the battle. Haku, Nura Kidoin's giant winged demon, launches himself into the sky, carrying Nura, Gin, and Kagen Shiromi on his shoulders. Nura asks all of her ogres give her their energy, which they do at once.

Various members of the Night Troop contribute their energy to a spell that is being prepared by Kaigen.

Tatsuki tells Shichirou that ogres naturally serve Nura, and that her control is even better than Shichirou's. As Nura absorbs the ogre's energy, she becomes younger.

Kaigen creates a massive Kekkai around the battlefield that is open at the top, so power has a place to escape, and the Commander's power is visible.

Nura orders her ogres to attack, and they rush into the Shadow Organization Headquarters, where they engage the brainwashed Ougi men and ability users. Masamori Sumimura follows them in, protected by his Zekkai.


Volume 34
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