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Number 536 notes that the castle's tree is growing, which it has never done before. He wonders if the growth and the castle shaking are related. He recalls the previous caretaker told him that the tree was the land's protective god, so taking good care of it was necessary. He wonders if something happened to Tokine.

Tokine is surround by a dark ocean, and though it isn't harming her, she is quickly becoming exhausted from continued use of Utsusemi. Tokine warns the god that even if it doesn't cooperate, Hakuma has already been chosen as the sealing site, and a stronger Kekkaishi will simply come after her and erase both the god and it's world.

Tokine admits that she has killed a god who attacked her land, and doesn't want to do anything so terrible again. She apologizes for trying to take the god's land, and then passes out, falling into the darkness.

Mikeno is concerned that Tokine has not returned or sent a message back yet. Shizue Yukimura eats dinner at the Sumimura Home with Shuji Sumimura and Toshimori Sumimura. Both parents are worried, but Toshimori isn't worried. He says that Tokine told him that Yoshimori would end everything for them.

Masamori Sumimura studies the photo that Tatsuki gave him of the Commander. He tells Kagen Shiromi that the Commander is taking over people's bodies, and that he was an old man when Mudou met him. Masamori admits this is why he doesn't want to kill the Commander if possible. He suspects the girl with him is a power source. Shiromi warns him that such thoughts don't belong on a battlefield.

Nura Kidoin admits to her attendant Gin that she is afraid. Gin reassures her that he and the other ogres will protect her forever.

Chushinmaru Karasumori is excited by both the storm and the thought of his new castle. Yoshimori decides to be truthful, and tells Chushinmaru that his power hurts everything around him.


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