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Tatsuki and Shichirou Ougi combine their powers to generate a powerful storm, in order to keep civilians away from the mountain location of the Shadow Organization Headquarters.

In the Night Troop's camp, Fumiya Somegi passes out talismans to aid in spellcasting. Mukade and Ito Orihara will be assisting the Relief Unit. Kaigen will be in charge of spellcasting. Sen Kagemiya uses his tracking ability to spot Nura Kidoin's campground, which is full of ogres. Sen and Shu Akitsu leave to assist Kei Sazanami in gathering information, instead of participating in the battle. Miki Hatori tells Masamori Sumimura he should rest before the battle, but Masamori says he has too much energy to sleep. He is anxious about being the "chosen" one as it's a lot of pressure, and Hatori notes it's the first time he's ever shared something like that with her. She offers to make him some tea, taking great pleasure in mentioning that Yomi Kasuga sent some of his favorite snacks.

Souji Hiura carries some boxes into a room and nearly lets the door close behind him. Zero angrily reminds him that the door won't open from the inside. Zero intends to lock Suigetsu inside the room with all the provisions she'll need, although since time stops inside the room, he doubts she'll even get hungry. After Zero and Souji leave, the door closes and then vanishes.

Nichinaga Oumi angrily orders the castle workers to find Suigetsu and Haruka, but then realizes he cannot find the puppet soldiers, either. The castle continues to shake, so he orders some people to find the cause. Nichinaga suspects Suigetsu hid Haruka from him to cause trouble.

Haruka and Kakeru are sleeping in the same locked room as Suigetsu, who wonders if she made the right choice.


Volume 34
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