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In a flashback, Mikeno explains to Tokine that the main point of hado is the assimilation of power, both the user's own and another's. This allows the user to render another's power ineffective. In a sacred land, objects there do not generally have a physical existence, and instead are composed of the land's power. Therefore, learning Utsusemi, the ultimate hado technique, grants complete freedom and makes all places in the spirit world accessible.

Having rendered the god's attacks ineffective, Tokine continues to beg it to listen to her request. She explains that Kekkaishi are craftsmen who specialize in creating worlds, and they will surely make a place that is comfortable for a god. The sun's core releases dark orbs that stick to Tokine.

Mikeno has confidence in Tokine's ability, but is concerned that the god may not listen to an unworthy opponent. If this happens, it will become a battle of attrition that Tokine is likely to lose, since Utsusemi wears down the nerves and Tokine will reach her limit first.

Tokine explains how her family has always protected Karasumori so it would not endanger others, and how desperately they need Hakuma in order to complete the sealing process. She doesn't want all their sacrifices, most especially her father's, to be for nothing. The dark orbs are suddenly swept up in a powerful whirlwind.

Zero instructs Souji Hiura to assist him, adding that it is an order from the Commander. Zero asks Souji if he knows what a coup d'état is.

Ichigou and the castle workers continue to search for the intruder. Ichigou spots Number 536 carrying a bag and asks him about it. Number 536 makes a flimsy excuse and quickly runs away to the big tree in the castle courtyard, awaiting word from Tokine. While there, he spots Suigetsu passing by the tree. The tree suddenly moves, and Number 536 suspects that Tokine has done something to make the god angry.

Vibrations are felt throughout the castle. Nichinaga Oumi wakes up to find that both Suigetsu and Haruka are missing.


Volume 34
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