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Tokine approaches the miniature sun, realizing she is now in the domain of a god. She enters the first layer of the sun and calls out to the god, saying she has a request. She passes through the second layer, asks the god's pardon for intruding, and then pummels the sun's core with speak Kekkai. This seems to awaken the god, and a voice asks who she is. Tokine politely asks the god to hand over Hakuma. The core turns dark, and a dark spike extends from it and pierces Tokine's body.

Shichirou Ougi warns Lady Mayuka that things may get rowdy tomorrow (because of Tatsuki's planned attack on Shadow Organization Headquarters), but not to worry because he will be handling things. Mayuka says that things are already in an uproar, as she can already feel a power from Hakuma rising up. Mayuka senses a familiar Ayakashi above them again, and he offers to drive it away. Shichirou flies up to find Tokimori Hazama's dragon Kokuyou, but is startled to find Sumiko Sumimura riding it this time. Sumiko introduces herself and says that Hazama is busy supervising Yoshimori, and she came in his place since her preparations are done. She has come to get his answer on whether or not he will help them seal Chushinmaru Karasumori. She warns that if he does not agree, they will go ahead with their plan, ignore his will, and manage with brute force. Shichirou asks if they can really defeat his power, and Sumiko is confident since no one has ever managed to defeat her. Shichirou asks that in the past, when she had to make a choice, what thing primarily influenced her decision. Sumiko says her heart has never been swayed.

Despite her body being pierced by several spikes, Tokine phases through them using Utsusemi, an ultimate technique that allows her to steal an entity's power and make it her own.


Volume 34
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