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As Tokine stares at the castle in Hakuma, she recalls Mikeno's warning to complete her task as soon as possible.

Inside the castle, Number 536 and the other subordinates have learned there is an intruder.

Tokine notes that the castle seems to be huge. In a flashback, Kiyoderu Yuugami tells Tokine that the size a sacred land's spirit world is proportionate to the rank, power, and size of both the land and the god. Tokine knows that Hakuma's god has been sleeping for hundreds of years, and yet is still unparalleled in terms of power. Kiyoderu warns her not to go to the center, because a sleeping god always ends up there. He adds that the Commander's brainwashing may also be in effect there. Tokine says she'll be fine because she's a Kekkaishi.

Tokine finds a massive tree in the castle courtyard. Suspecting the world's center may be nearby, she attempts to "read" the tree with spatial phasing. Before she can finish, Number 536 approaches and asks who she is. Tokine runs and phases through a wall in the castle. Stunned, Number 536 does not at first know how to follow her.

Ichigou is informed by the castle workers that a young girl has invaded the castle. He realized she must have used the second entrance, since no one came through the main gate, and orders that she be captured.

Number 536 creates a flock of bubble birds and has them track down Tokine. She continues to run from him, noting that he isn't attacking at all. Number 536 finally catches up with her, pointing out that he knows the castle too well for her to escape him. He asks how she got in, and if there really is an hidden exit with no guards. He offers to be her guide if she will listen to his request. As it turns out, Number 536 wants to leave the castle: he knows himself and others were brought there, though they have no memory of it. Tokine is more concerned with her mission and says she can't help him. Guessing that she is searching for Mahora, Number 536 tells her where the god can be found: virtually directly beneath the big tree he found her at. Though the rock surrounding the area is very thick, he suspects that Tokine could get through with her phasing ability. She thanks him and starts to leave, but promises to send him a Shikigami bird on her way out to guide him.

Suigetsu is tormented over the fact that she cannot stop Nichinaga Oumi by herself. Zero approaches her, and she warns him to stay back since she isn't feeling well. He asks her to help him, and something in his voice greatly startles her.

Tokine phases through the rock, only to find what looks like a miniature sun.


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