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Tokine searches the ground near the Shadow Organization Headquarters for the hidden entrance to the spirit world. However, the entrance she finds is blocked by debris, and the only other one is inside the headquarters itself. As she reconsiders her options, she is startled by the arrival of Kiyoderu Yuugami. He tells her that the other entrance is located beneath the headquarters, and Tokimori Hazama apparently had something to do with the design. Kiyoderu asks what Tokine will do once she finds the entrance, but she is reluctant to tell him. He offers to be her guide, and gives her a lift with Kamina.

Tatsuki discusses her plan with her resistance group. She and Shichirou Ougi will create a storm to distance the civilians from the war. Nura Kidoin's ogre army will head directly into the Shadow Organization Headquarters. Because of the risk of the Commander's brainwashing, no hummans will enter. Kagen Shiromi will be Kidoin's advisor, and Masamori Sumimura will handle the Commander. Tatsuki and Shichirou will have control of the Night Troop and Shiromi's subordinates. As a last resort, Tatsuki says that if the plan fails, she and Shichirou will use all their power to destroy Hakuma, which would mean all of their deaths. Tatsuki asks Shiromi and Masamori to stay behind after the meeting, and explains that Kidoin cannot kill, nor will she order her demons to. Tatsuki provides Masamori with a recent photo of the Commander from the attack on Arashizaki Shrine. Tatsuki stresses that Masamori's role is the most important, because killing the Commander should also end the mental control he has over others.

As he leaves the meeting, Masamori feels he should be filled with hatred, but is instead excited that he has a straightforward mission to complete. This strengthens his desire to succeed with the mission.

Chushinmaru Karasumori is excited about the new castle that will be built for him. Yoshimori continues to train with the blank state as Hazama looks on.

In return for transporting Tokine, Kiyoderu asks her to discuss the details of her task with him afterwards (since he is once again an investigator). Tokine says she may not be able to tell him everything, but agrees. Kiyoderu warns her not to overdo it again. Tokine leaves and phases through a ceiling that should be the entrance to the spirit world.


Volume 33
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