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Tatsuki meets with an unnamed god to ask him to allow her to handle the current chaos. He allows this only because Tatsuki is extremely powerful, and she promises to show that humans can clean up after themselves. He warns her not to disgrace Hakuma.

Zero visits Ichigou as he watches over Kakeru. Ichigou believes she is still resisting Nichinaga Oumi's brainwashing, and cannot do more because she devoted the rest of her power to the World Destruction spell. Though the spell was finished, it was not activated, but Ichigou thinks Kakeru can still do so. Zero asks if Ichigou is taking care of Kakeru because he loves her. Ichigou says he doesn't know, but that he may envy her. Disgusted, Zero feels that Souji Hiura has been influenced as well. Ichigou is shocked to learn that it was partially Zero's idea to include Souji, since the used to work together. Ichigou asks why Souji was chosen instead of him, and Zero says because Souji doesn't ask questions like that.

Zero asks Number 536 if he knows where the castle's hidden room that cannot be escaped from is located.

Suigetsu asks Nichinaga Oumi what he will do, now that he has defeated his brother, conquered the Shadow Organization, and returned to his castle. Nichinaga desires vengeance against the gods and destroying himself, which will require even more power. He says the castle is located in Hakuma, the strongest sacred land. In addition, within his control are the spell which holds all Kakeru's power, Haruka who has the power of dozens of sacred lands, the numerous ability users he controls at Shadow Organization Headquarters, and Suigetsu herself, who is also very powerful. He feels even more power gathering around them. Suigetsu is horrified to realize he intends to involve the entire world in his end. Nichinaga says he only needs to wait, because the end is coming soon.

Tokimori Hazama meets with Tatsuki. She has spoken with the gods of the surrounding sacred lands, and says they will look the other way so long as Hakuma's power is maintained. Her group will attack the Shadow Organiation Headquarters on the following day's night. Tatsuki believes their odds of victory are very high, and Hazama feels the same about his team. Tatsuki is concerned that disturbing Hakuma's god could be extremely dangerous. Hazama says that she will deal with the outside, and he will deal with the inside, as they agreed. Tatsuki has learned that the god of Hakuma is named Mahora.


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