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Shuji Sumimura leaves Tokine with his phone so that she has to talk to Yoshimori. Yoshimori says his training is going well, and Tokine says that Mikeno thinks she is almost ready.

Yoshimori tries to train, but is distracted by thoughts of Tokine. He realizes he really wants to see her. Tokine arrives later with some things that Shuji asked her to drop off. The visit is very awkward, so Yoshimori brings up Tokimori Hazama, but is annoyed that Hazama still hasn't apologized to Tokine's family. Tokine says that Mikeno told her that Chushinmaru Karasumori was Hazama's son. Tokine says her task in the plan is convince the god of the land where Shadow Organization Headquarters is located to move to a new location. Yoshimori is concerned, but Tokine says she's fine, and points out that his role is far more difficult. She says they must do their best, so no one else will meet the same fate as her father. Tokine leaves, but they are both unsatisfied with how awkward the visit was.

Tokine thought Yoshimori would be in high spirits, and wonders if she should have cheered him up. She begins to worry that she may never see him again. Yoshimori suddenly runs after her, insisting that if she were fine she wouldn't look so worried. Yoshimori offers her a chance to back out of the plan, but Tokine refuses. Yoshimori hates that Tokine hasn't smiled. Tokine hugs him, smiles, and makes him promise that they'll see each other again.


Volume 33
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