Chapter 321
Chap 321
Chapter Details
Volume: 33
Japanese Title: 同志
Translated Title: Dōshi
English Title: Comrades
Released (Japan): February 18, 2011
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


At Tatsuki's mansion, she and the others in attendance agree to go ahead with their plans to stop the Sousui. After the meeting ends, Masamori approaches Kagen Shiromi outside and asks about his being allied with Tatsuki. Shiromi says they are similiar people, which confuses Masamori since he knows Shiromi has two separate powers. Shiromi admits that he joined Tatsuki because she is friends with his wife. As Shiromi leaves, a dark, spinning cloud touches down, revealing a gigantic winged oni. Nura Kidoin emerges from the mansion and thanks the oni for coming to pick her up. She then apologizes to Masamori for making him come to her home, and asks him to thank Yomi Kasuga for the sweets she brought. As Nura and her demon fly away, Shichirou Ougi comes out and apologizes to Masamori for being rude when they first met, and hopes they can work well together.

Mukade arrives on one of his Shadow Bugs to pick up Masamori. As they fly, Tokimori Hazama appears on the bug's back. Masamori says he's surprised by how well things are suddenly going. Tokimori suggests that it's a result of Masamori's hard work accumulating. Tokimori says that he thought out of all the Kekkaishi, Masamori was in the most danger, but that his fears were unwarranted. He apologizes for any trouble Karasumori may have caused Masamori, and mentions that Yoshimori insisted that he apologize and explain the truth behind Karasumori to everyone involved. Masamori says he will leave Karasumori in Yoshimori's hands. Tokimori is pleased that Masamori has not thrown himself into darkness, as Tokimori once did himself. Masamori is concerned that Yumeji Hisaomi thought Masamori was similar to Tokimori, but Tokimori says that Masamori isn't as foolish. Tokimori tells Masamori not to resent the world, because it is larger than one can ever imagine, and can swallow up a person without them realizing it.

Yoshimori calls Masamori from a pay phone and asks if Tokimori visited him. Masamori confirms that he did, and says he will defeat the Sousui himself. Yoshimori is confused by Masamori's confidence, but happy for him. Yoshimori then calls his father, who is at a grocery store, and asks him to send some additional clothing. Yoshimori is then shocked when Shuji hands the phone to Tokine.


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