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Yomi Kasuga and Masamori Sumimura enter the home of Nura Kidoin. They are met by her attendant Gin, who leads them down a long tunnel filled with ogres. Gin leaves them with Kuro, another attendant, in a waiting area, and goes to get Nura. Yomi recalls an earlier visit to the home, where Nura explained that she favored Yomi because she took good care of her ogre Yoki, despite Yomi being from an illegitimate branch of the family. This left Yomi with the impression that Nura was a kind person. Gin returns and says that Nura will not be able to meet with them. Masamori demands an audience with Nura, because the fate of the Shadow Organization is on the line. Gin is unmoved and orders them to leave. After Yomi and Masamori leave, Gin asks Nura if she isn't worried about the organization as well. Gin reassures Nura that she need not worry about the well-being of her ogres, as they are happy serve her.

Yomi apologizes to Masamori, feeling worthless because their idea didn't work out. Masamori thanks her, says she isn't worthless, and tells her to hide somewhere safe.

Kouya tells Masamori there have been no chances at Shadow Organization Headquarters while he was watching it. Tokimori Hazama approaches them, and Kouya instantly recognizes him as the man who sealed his mountain home. Hazama introduces himself, says he is teaching Yoshimori, and that Yoshimori must not be distracted by other matters. Hazama asks Masamori to hurry and settle the problem with the organization, so it will no longer distract Yoshimori. After speaking with Hazama, Masamori decides to call in the favor that Shichirou Ougi owes him, which will allow Masamori to speak with "Raijin", a person connected with the Ougi clan head's past.


Volume 33
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