Chapter 319
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Volume: 33
Japanese Title: 鬼童院ぬら
Translated Title: Kidoin Nura
English Title: Kidoin Nura
Released (Japan): February 18, 2011
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


At the Sousui's castle, Ichigou carries a tray of food to Kakeru, only to find her unconcious in the middle of a spell design on the roof. He immediately drops the food and rushes to her side. Kakeru wakes up and insists she is fine despite her worn-out appearance, but Ichigou notes it's the first time he's ever seen her collapse from fatigue. Kakeru says she has completed a spell to end the world. Suddenly, a group of people appear overhead, riding on flying platform Ayakashi. Ichigou instantly recognizes Zero and Sangou, but Kakeru recognizes a young boy as one of the children she once saw in the Sousui's bedroom, and realizes his true identity. The boy greets her by name, but as Kakeru approaches him, her head is swarmed by a mass of psychic serpents and she collapses. Ichigou demands to know what he did, and the boy says Kakeru's vital energy is too strong even for his control. Ichigou realizes the boy mush be Nichinaga Oumi. The Sousui assumes command of the castle, and Zero advises Ichigou not to resist.

Elsewhere, Yomi Kasuga sits in a cafe, and is soon joined by Masamori Sumimura. She notices he has lost weight, and Masamori prefers to skip any small talk and get to business. He asks to get in touch with Yomi's great-aunt, Nura Kidoin who is the 2nd Seat in the Group of Twelve. Yomi guess he wants to make her an ally against the Sousui, but assures him it won't work: her great-aunt is a pacifist and intensely shy. To her shock, Masamori bows his head and begs her, and Yomi gives in. On the way, Masamori stops at a stand to get a steamed bun. While there, he also gets a pinwheel for Yomi. She is at first insulted, but decides to keep it upon seeing that it entertains Yoki.


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