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Shichirou Ougi watches in secret as Masamori Sumimura attempts to make his way up a mountain at Ryusenkyo, all the while using his Zekkai to protect himself from the constant, massive lightning strikes. Shichirou recognizes that Masamori is no match for the overwhelming power of "Raijin". A tiger-striped dragon appears in the sky and touches down before the collapsed Masamori, turning into Tatsuki. As her attendants dress her, Tatsuki reminds him of the difference in their power. Masamori insists he only came to talk, and cannot bear to leave the Shadow Organization in the Commander's hands. Tatsuki notes that she wanted to act before the headquarters was lost, but the council refused to do so. Masamori begs her to let him assist in restoring the organization. Tatsuki says she originally planned to invite Masamori to a meeting she is planning. She mentions that she is giving shelter to a psychic who predicated that Masamori would be the one to defeat the Commander. Tatsuki leaves to call Nura Kidoin, which shocks Masamori. Tatsuki says that Masamori's effort was admirable, but she has been working on a way to open Nura's heart for 50 years.

That night, Masamori arrives at Tatsuki's home to find the other members of the meeting: Tatsuki herself, Nura Kidoin, Kagen Shiromi, and Shichirou Ougi. Tatsuki announces that the Commander's trial has begun.


Volume 33
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