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Yoshimori punches Tokimori Hazama, but his fist passes through him. Yoshimori wishes he could hurt Hazama. Yoshimori demands all the information he will need for the sealing, but refuses to accept any further orders from him. Yoshimori swears when it is all over, he will be the one to make Hazama disappear. Hazama says he wants to remain in the world for his son's sake.

That night, Yoshimori destroys Ayakashi around the house while Chushinmaru Karasumori cheers him on. Yoshimori asks Chushinmaru if he wants to be able to live outside, and go where other people are. Chushinmaru wonders why he still can't go outside, but soon becomes excited over the castle that Yoshimori has promised to build for him. Chushinmaru says that though Hazama has his faults, he is still his favorite servant. Yoshimori decides to go along with all the lies that Chushinmaru has been told.

At Shadow Organization Headquarters, Nichinaga Oumi is dissatisfied at how easily he conquered the Shadow Organization, and desires to use all the power he has amassed. Suigetsu is alarmed that he intends to go even further with his plans. Nichinaga decides they should return to his castle.

Hazama tells Sumiko Sumimura that he confessed to Yoshimori, but that Yoshimori still intends to go along with their plan. Sumiko isn't surprised, and says her children are kind like their father. Sumiko is busy creating a net that will be able to support the sealing process. Hazama thinks Yoshimori will be very surprised to learn that the sealing site is beneath the Shadow Organization Headquarters.


Volume 33
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