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Tokimori Hazama overhears his Ayakashi companions discussing the death of Princess Tsukikage (as well as possibly eating her and her child) and leaves in disgust. Tsukikage's ghost appears to him, but says nothing. Hazama tells her of his plan to grant their child power. He also accepts responsibility for causing her death and offers to let her curse him. Tsukikage continues to appear to him repeatedly, finally telling him to return to the castle.

Hazama's Ayakashi travel with him partway, but he enters the castle alone. Immediately he notices the atmosphere is strange and surrounds his body with a Kekkai for protection. Hazama finds dead guards who seem severely dehydrated. Using a Sensory Kekkai, he looks throughout the castle and finds all the inhabitants dead, save for a huge mass of power. Hazama locates the power, which recedes enough for him to realize that it is coming from a newborn, which can only be his and Tsukikage's child. Tsukikage appears again and asks him to hold their son, because he is the only one who can. Hazama is horrified to realize that his wish caused so much destruction, including Tsukikage's own death. Tsukikage begins to pass on, asks Hazama to look after their son, and thanks him for making her happy. Unable to maintain her form any longer, Tsukikage vanishes as Hazama begs her to stay. Drawn by the child's scent, Hazama's Ayakashi come to the castle. They all leave the castle together, and Hazama is determined to honor Tsukikage's final wish.


Volume 32
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