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Tokimori Hazama reveals the details of his past to Yoshimori.

Over 400 years ago, the Emperor of the Karasumori Clan tasked Hazama with protecting his castle, and especially his daughter Tsukikage, from invading Ayakashi. Hazama recognized that the princess had the strongest spiritual power in her family, and his presence reassured her because he was the strongest person who had ever attempted to protect her. Tsukikage admitted to having an interest in strange things, and Hazama quickly realized that she was responsible for calling the Ayakashi to the castle. Hazama agreed to keep her secret, in return for her remaining safely in the castle while she watched him work. Hazama forcibly subdued Ayakashi and instructed them to appear at the the castle each day, in order to increase his pay. Tsukikage eventually made Hazama aware of the fact that she could see a spreading darkness around him, which concerned her. Hazama realized that Tsukikage was sensing his pride in his powers, as well as his hatred of the humans who refused to accept them. Despite this, Tsukikage was convinced that he could save himself, which was the first time anyone had ever accepted him, and he was drawn to her.

Once Tsukikage became pregnant, the Emperor became aware of their relationship and banished Hazama from the castle. Alone with his Ayakashi companions, Hazama crafted a plan for vengeance: he already knew his child would be born with special powers and one day inherit the castle, but decided to grant it even more power. Using forbidden techniques, Hazama harnessed the power of a sacred land. However, the first person to die from Hazama's plan was Tsukikage herself.


Volume 32
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