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Masamori Sumimura protects himself from the Commander's sea serpents with his Zekkai. He is amazed that the Commander's power seems so much stronger than Yumeji Hisaomi's. Everyone other than Masamori begins to leave the battlefield. He calls out to them, but sees they are now all brainwashed.

Nichinaga Oumi looks out over his newly recruited army triumphantly.

Mudou appears at Masamori's side and tells him that his efforts were pointless. Masamori collapses, unable to move.

Later, Masamori wakes up at Night Troop Headquarters, surrounded by his worried subordinates. Miki Hatori tells him that he wandered in three hours ago in a daze, and that there has been no word from Shadow Organization Headquarters, so they have no idea what is happening. Masamori informs them that the Shadow Organization has fallen.

Yoshimori learns about the defeat from some local crows and confirms it with a phone call to Sen Kagemiya. Tokimori Hazama insists that their plans have not changed, which upsets Yoshimori. He says what Yoshimori thinks of him doesn't matter, so long as Yoshimori concentrates on the sealing for Chushinmaru Karasumori's sake. Yoshimori guesses that Hazama is so desperate because Chushinmaru is his son, but that Chushinmaru doesn't know this. Yoshimori says he's been thinking of other ways to handle their situation, but Hazama says there is no other way: outside of a Shinkai, Chushinmaru would drain the lives of others just by existing, though this Hazama's fault, as well as why he is not fit to be a parent.


Volume 32
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