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The brainwashed Ougi men begin attacking the forces of the Shadow Organization Headquarters. Juho continues to fire energy pillars at the spell in the sky with no effect. However, between Okuni's subordinates and Kaigen's disciples, the attacks are repelled a powerful Kekkai. Juho remains confident that the land's power will not run out, so his power source is unmimited. Masamori is alarmed to notice that some of their own mean are being destroyed by the pillars. Juho says that is for the best, explaining that executive Kusaribe Gaiji can resurrect the dead as undead soldiers who will never stop fighting. Executive Tsumugi Kazuchika reveals his ability to turn a mass of non-living objects into giant puppets that fight for him. Juho insists that it doesn't matter how many die, because the organization will survive as long as the leadership does. This attitude disgusts Masamori. Juho tells Masamori to get rid of the enemy's Kekkai. Tsumugi and Kusaribe also make no attempt to avoid friendly casualties, making Masamori seriously question his allegience. Meian then reveals his trump card: two giant Kurokabuto, modified to resist sunlight and obey his commands. As they prepare to attack the spell in the sky, Masamori notices someone flying a flying Ayakashi, and suspects it to be the Commander. As the fliers begin to circle the Kurokabuto, Masamori realizes with growing dread that the Commander may be able to control Ayakashi as well as people. A flood of the Commander's sea serpents rain down over the entire battlefield as Masamori looks on in shock.


Volume 32
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