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Meian informs the remaining executives that Kagen Shiromi has resigned, and while Kidoin has been talking into withdrawing her resignation, she will no longer attend meetings. Of the original twelve, only five now remain. Meian remains confident because the remaining executives specialize in combat, and decides to discuss their strategy for the war against the Commander. He asks Masamori Sumimura to describe what happened at Arashizaki Shrine the previous night.

Zero suddenly attacks the Shadow Organization Headquarters, his swords piercing through the multiple protective Kekkai that Masamori had placed. A huge spell in the sky transports the brainwashed Ougi men to the area. While the executives prepare to meet the enemy head-on, Meian leaves to arrange something he's been working on. Juho tells Masamori to dispel his Kekkai so that the executives can attack. Masamori insists that they need to maintain a barrier in order to prevent their being brainwashed. Zero continues to focus his attacks on the Kekkai, and once the last one falls, Juho uses earth magic to fire an energy pillars, though it is repelled.

Meian's surprise turns out to be a giant cocoon that he is hiding in a cave.


Volume 32
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