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Yoshimori's Shinkai destroys the Commander's serpents, freeing Kaigen in the process. Shichirou Ougi notes that the technique doesn't seem ominous as it did last time, and instead feels serene. Yoshimori explains that Tokimori Hazama said that Shichirou wouldn't be able to defend against a psychic attack. Shichirou refuses to ask for help, but Yoshimori says he is only interfering on a whim because he doesn't want the land destroyed. Lady Mayuka is uncomfortable with the situation, but Hazama assures her they have no plans to harm the land (though he does add that the Shinkai will expel anyone who tries to attack Yoshimori). Noticing Chushinmaru Karasumori clinging to Yoshimori's back, Shichirou asks who he is, but Hazama will not tell him. Yoshimori plans to extend the Shinkai to cover the entire mountain, and borrows Chushinmaru's power to do so.

Nichinaga Oumi decides to retreat. Yoshimori notices Souji Hiura arriving on a flying Ayakashi. Zero attacks the Shinkai, but it does little damage, and is only a distraction to allow Souji to pick up Nichinaga and Haruka. Nichinaga activates a huge spell that covers the entire mountain and takes away all of Shichirou's men. Nichinaga regrets not being able to grab Shichirou as well, but figures he now has enough men for the war.


Volume 32
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