Characters (in order of appearance)


Shichirou Ougi returns to Arashizaki Shrine to find his men attacking each other. Soon after, the attacks stop, and the men all march in the same direction. Shichirou guesses that the Commander has the power to brainwash others. Shijima tells him their precautions have completely failed, and it is likely that everyone outside of Kaigen's Kekkai has been brainwashed. Kaigen warns that his disciples have also been taken over, and are trying to dismantle the Kekkai. He tells them to attack his disciples if they have to. Shichirou creates a wall of wind around the Kekkai in order to avoid this. Shichirou tries to use the shrine's cameras to spot the Commander in hopes of targeting him directly, but all he knows for sure is that the Commander has a child's voice. Lady Mayuka interrupts the search by violently tearing off the roof of the building, furious that Shichirou's own men are invading her land. Shichirou tries to explain the situation, but she demands that he kill the men. During the distraction, Kaigen's disciples destroy the Kekkai, forcing him to activate an area-wide illusion that should last for ten minutes. He urges the others to escape. As a last resort, Shichirou suggests cutting off the mountain's summit, in hopes that the entrance to the spirit world within the sacred tree will not be invaded. Mayuka refuses to accept this. Just as the Commander's sea serpents enter the area and take over Kaigen, a Shinkai appears around the shrine, and Yoshimori lands in front of them.


Volume 32
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