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In Arashizaki Shrine's sacred tree, Lady Mayuka is annoyed that there are so many people in her territory. She complains to Shichirou Ougi, who is busy collecting information. They both hear what sounds like a far-off explosion, and Shichirou heads inside to investigate. Shijima tells him it likely came from an abandoned factory in town. Shichirou prepares to leave, but Shijima warns him it might be a decoy to draw him away from the shrine. Kaigen, a spellcaster hired to protect the mountain, says he has a Kekkai around the area, and gives Shichirou a special talisman that will allow him to pass through safely. Shijima insists that protecting the shrine is Shichirou's job, but recalling Yoshimori's words, Shichirou says that the entire town is his territory, not just the shrine.

Haruka sneaks into the shrine, wanting to see the gateway. A guard tells her she shouldn't be there. Worried, Haruka calls for her "brother", who warns the guard not to speak to her in such a way. Nichinaga takes over the guard's mind with psychic serpents, instantly learning about the Kekkai around the mountain. The guard reports to his superior, passing the serpents to him as well. Nichinaga decides that taking over the guards one at a time takes too long, and that possessing them all at once would be easier. He asks Haruka to loan him her power, and she happily agrees. Nichinaga unleashes a flood of serpents, taking over all of the guards.

Shichirou puts out the fire at the factory, and recieves word from Shijima that the shrine is under attack. Shichirou hurries home.


Volume 32
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