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Kakeru suspects that of the small group of children she once saw in the castle, one could manipulate space, while another was a Spirit Reservoir Owner like herself. Ichigou asks if the leader switched bodies with the child spirit reservoir owner. Kakeru says no, because that child was a girl, and he can't inhabit a girl's body. Kakeru angrily swears she will kill him for involving Michiru in his plot, startling The King so badly that he shields himself with an earthen dome. Ichigou points out that Michiru chose to be involved. Kakeru insists that Michiru regretted being involved and wanted to pay for her sins. Ichigou adds that Michiru might have stayed at least partially for Kakeru's sake. Kakeru is completely obsessed with her revenge, however. She says that the younger brother originally intended for the puppet soldiers to be spare bodies for the Oumi brothers to inhabit, so Ichigou has a reason to want revenge as well. According to Michiru's plans, after the Commander destroys the Shadow Organization, he will return to the castle. Kakeru intends to Michiru's greatest spell to destroy him.

Chushinmaru Karasumori grows bored of playing with Kumon and demands entertainment. Yoshimori is busy training, and Tokimori Hazama explains that it would be best not to disturb him. Hazama attempts to distract Chushinmaru by mentioning a battle that will take place nearby. Chushinmaru, however, is aware that Hazama lies at times, and that the place is important to Hazama.

At Arashizaki Shrine, Shichirou Ougi is making extensive preparations to protect the area. He orders his attendant Shijima to increase the number of guards in town.

Nichinaga Oumi recalls when Michiru first mentioned having a Spirit Reservoir Owner for him to make use of, in an effort to end his depression over being weak. She explains that a king who had such a follower could never be weak, as that power coud accomplish anything for his sake. In the present, Nichinaga is approached by Haruka, one of the other children from the castle, who addresses him as her older brother. Because she had trouble sleeping, he invites her to sit with him. He tells her that they are going out very soon.


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