Characters (in order of appearance)


Kakeru tells Ichigou that Michiru used to hunt sacred lands because it's what they were taught.

In a flashback, Ichigou brings Kakeru (then a small girl) to Michiru. Michiru tells him to get rid of her, since she mistook Kakeru for a boy among the children she had collected to be candidates for the puppet soldier program. Ichigou tells her that he has killed Kakeru three times already, but she keeps reviving. Michiru discovers that Kakeru is a Spirit Reservoir Owner and attempts to teach her spellcasting. Not wanting to be useless or abandoned, Kakeru studies hard and excels. She also likes the idea of forcing Ichigou to one day address her with respect. After witnessing Kakeru's natural talent at spellcasting, Michiru decides to name Kakeru her assistant. Michiru introduces Kakeru to the castle's king.

Kakeru says that a strange light appeared in the king's eyes as he was consumed by thoughts of revenge, and Michiru got caught up in them.


Volume 31
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