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Shichirou Ougi asks his friends Eri and Sayaka to leave for a moment so he can talk to Yoshimori, Sen Kagemiya, and Shu Akitsu. Eri complains that he promised to stay with them all day, but Sayaka recognizes that Shichirou is serious and drags Eri away. Shichirou transports them all to the roof of a nearby building so they won't be interrupted. Yoshimori asks if Shichirou's home is being targeted by the Commander. Shichirou says that's the rumor. Yoshimori asks why that is, since Shichirou was working for the Commander before. Shichirou says that isn't Yoshimori's business, but Yoshimori insists that Shichirou properly proctect the town. Shichirou says his priority is his house and land before the town, and that he isn't an ally of justice. Shichirou asks about Tokimori Hazama, and Yoshimori admits that Hazama is his master. Shichirou wonders if Hazama is responsible for the changes in Yoshimori. Shichirou says Hazama has been visiting him, and asks if he's trustworthy. Yoshimori says Hazama looks shady, but he is a hard worker. Shichirou thanks him, and admits he wants to keep innocent people out of the chaos, since he has always lived in this area.

That night, Hazama prepares to leave the house. Yoshimori asks if he is going to visit Shichirou, and wants to speak to him first. Hazama admits that Shichirou's home is being targeted by the Commander, but urges Yoshimori to focus on the training. Yoshimori is surprised to learn that Hazama seems to be on a first name basis with the Commander.

Ichigou collects some of Michiru's old notes for Kakeru. Kakeru tells him that there is someone she blames for everything.


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