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In order to explain the concept of Shinkai, Tokimori Hazama compares it to Zekkai: where Zekkai concludes with erasing everything, Shinkai initializes everything. In other words, it creates a new world. Shinkai uses more power than would be possible for a normal human, but it will be possible if Yoshimori uses Chushinmaru Karasumori's power. This will enable him to create a world where the lord can be safely sealed. Yoshimori asks if it is really okay for him to use Chushinmaru's power, but Hazama responds that it would be troublesome if he didn't. He asks Yoshimori to create a nice castle, since Chushinmaru likes them.

Shu Akitsu and Sen Kagemiya arrive in town to visit Yoshimori. Sen asks why he never used the cell phone that Masamori Sumimura gave to him, but Yoshimori forgot to charge it. Sen tells him that Karasumori Academy is using portable classrooms and sending students to nearby schools. Sen and Shu are shocked to learn that Yoshimori is simply carrying Karasumori's power in a bag around his neck. Sen says that according to the prophecy, there are only two vital locations left to be attacked: Arashizaki Shrine and the Shadow Organization Headquarters, and both are nearby. Yoshimori suspects Hazama is hiding things from him, and worries that the people living there will get caught up in the war. Sen suggests trying to trick Shichirou Ougi into giving them information.

The three go to Shichirou's school, but find out he left early. They leave, only to run into Shichirou with two girls.


Volume 31
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