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Masamori Sumimura tells Mudou of his intent to stop the Commander. He compares the Commander to Mudou's former self. Mudou seems interested in exploring the world, but discovers he cannot summon his destruction balls. Masamori says this is because he is only a weak spirit, and demands information or else he will destroy Mudou. Masamori says that Mudou considered the Commander a rival, and offers to carry on the rivalry for him. Mudou suggests that Masamori's true motivation is that he wants to become the leader. Mudou tells Masamori to ask for his help. Recalling Yukimasa's warning about falling under Mudou's influence, Masamori agrees, though he decides Mudou will be the one swallowed up by him.

In a room beneath the Yukimura Home, Mikeno and Tokine discuss the next phase of training. Mikeno states that Tokine has reached the limit of her attack power, and that such things are best left to Yoshimori. She adds that Tokine is not confident enough in herself. Mikeno will not reveal the details of Tokine's new task, partially because the details are not yet finalized. She will only say that Tokine will most likely have to fight the god of a sacred land again. Tokine is alarmed by this, but Mikeno points out that what Tokine and Yoshimori are sharing the burden of, Tokimori Hazama attempted alone 400 years earlier. Realizing that if Karasumori is successfully sealed, no one else will meet her late father's fate, Tokine is determined to do her best. Mikeno announces that she turn Tokine into an "emerging true master", which is the highest rank possible.

Yoshimori has improved his accuracy, though Hazama seems so far unimpressed. Hazama tells Sumiko Sumimura's Shikigami to take over the training for the night, and leaves. He summons a black dragon named Kokuyo to take him to Arashizaki Shrine.


Volume 31
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