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Yoshimori has trouble sleeping due to Tokimori Hazama's tough training, and is unsettled to learn from Sumiko Sumimura's Shikigami that Hazama will return to teach him every night.

In a flashback, Yoshimori has trouble creating a Kekkai precisely in the center of a target. Hazama insists that accuracy is needed for the major techniques Yoshimori will learn. In addition, Yoshimori lacks intuition. Hazama explains that Yoshimori has a sensory gap: Shigemori trained him to create Kekkai with his right hand, even though Yoshimori was originally left-handed. However, Yoshimori finds it easier with his left hand. Hazama says they will fix the gap. Sumiko's Shikigami gives Yoshimori a small cloth bag for carrying around the lord's orb.

Miki Hatori is worried about Masamori Sumimura, so Yukimasa goes to check on him. He finds the seals on the shack broken, and enters to see Masamori with Mudou. Yukimasa is stunned, but quickly draws his sword. Masamori is quick to explain: this is only a harmless reproduction of Mudou from before he betrayed the Shadow Organization, born from the original's hair. Masamori says this will bring him one step closer to the Commander, and promises to take responsibility for what he's done. Yukimasa still has his doubts. Once Yukimasa is gone, Masamori threatens Mudou with destruction to make him answer questions. Mudou approves of the idea that Masamori has finally stepped into darkness.


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