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Yoshimori is stunned by Tokimori Hazama's return, but Madarao is overjoyed. Hazama explains that he used Kumon in the attack last night. He asks Sumiko Sumimura's Shikigami to make a collar for Kumon, so he won't be impacted by the lord's presence. She asks Hazama to continue the lecture she had planned for Yoshimori. Hazama explains that the attack on the house was a test, which Yoshimori failed. Specifically, Yoshimori allowed a weaker opponent to draw him away from his goal of protecting the lord. He must protect the lord no matter what it costs him. Hazama adds that another reason not to leave the lord's side is because that Yoshimori is more powerful in the lord's presence. Hazama urges Yoshimori to think more constructively, instead of just forcing his way through obstacles. Hazama announces he will take over Yoshimori's training, with Sumiko focusing on improving his basics.

Within a sealed shack at Night Troop Headquarters, Masamori Sumimura and several of Okuni's subordinates begin a risky spell.


Volume 31
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