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The Unnamed Man explains to Kumon that splitting the enemy's forces will be a simple matter: the woman will protect Karasumori, leaving the boy as their main defense.

Yoshimori and Shiguma are having trouble predicting where the doors and attacks will appear from next. Yoshimori moves to the roof for a better vantage point, but the next attack targets the lower part of the house where he can't see. Sumiko's Shikigami asks if she should help, but Yoshimori decides to handle it so as not to cause her any trouble.

The man instructs Kumon not to target the house's supports, as they don't want it to collapse. Kumon is surprised by this, as he thought they were going to destroy the house. Kumon suggests simply going through the door and grabbing either the woman or the boy. The man replies that Kumon could not defeat either one on his own, so challenging them directly would be foolish. Kumon is upset with the current approach, but the man assures him that he will get to play soon.

Yoshimori finds that by limiting the range of a Sensory Kekkai, he can maintain it for a longer period. He is now able to see the next door as it appears, but is surprised when a second door appears almost instantly. He tries to destroy one door, but a rock flies from the other, forcing him to dodge. Madarao sees the door and seems to recognize it. A door suddenly opens directly in front of him, and Kumon's head appears, inhaling and devouring him. This leaves Kumon dissatisfied, because as always, Madarao's body vanishes the moment he is eaten. Yoshimori expands the Kekkai's range, but finds nothing. He briefly considers asking the Shikigami for help, but decides against it.

The attacks continue, but this time with eight doors appearing. Yoshimori counters with Shikigami clones of himself, rebounding a rock back into the door it is fired from and hitting Kumon. With the door left open, Yoshimori leaps through it, ready to face his attacker. The doors vanish, and the man congratulates Kumon, saying that stage two is complete.


Volume 30
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