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Yoshimori trains during the day by running and capturing crows with Kekkai. Sumiko Sumimura's Shikigami tells him it's okay to rest since he was up late last night, but he insists on continuing his training. She invites him to come in for breakfast. Yoshimori is quickly reminded that his mother isn't a good cook. The Shikigami tells him that she will keep moving so long as her power lasts, so she can't use too much. Therefore, they must rely on Yoshimori's power. She reminds him that he almost died three times last night. She mentions that while there aren't many people around, he shouldn't do anything too showy during the day.

Sumiko's Shikigami instructs Yoshimori to repair the holes in the roof. Since it is the lord's home for the time being, Yoshimori is allowed to use Shuufuku, but she insists that he do it directly, without any Shikigami to aid him. During the repairs, Yoshimori notices that Shuufuku seems easier to use. He sees the Shikigami sitting quietly, and decides to be quieter so as not to disturb her.

That night, while Shiguma attempts to guide Yoshimori through transferring the lord to a new orb, Madarao warns them that Ayakashi have already gathered outside, and that he has a bad feeling about it.

Outside, the Unnamed Man directs Kumon to begin. Kumon announces he will open the secret door right away.

A tree suddenly smashes into the top level of the house, where Yoshimori is still attempting the transfer, though it doesn't hit anyone. Yoshimori looks outside, but he can only see minor Ayakashi, none of which should have the power for such an attack.

Sumiko's Shikigami tells Yoshimori to fight while she handles the transfer. More trees slam into the roof, so Yoshimori places a Kekkai around the whole house. Even this does not stop the next tree, although Shiguma notes that it did not penetrate the Kekkai, but instead seemed to come from inside. It is then that Yoshimori sees an odd door floating above them. The door then vanishes.

Kumon has the next tree in hand, and is prepared to send it through a similar door in front of him. The man announces that stage one is complete, and stage two is to split up their forces.


Volume 30
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