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Yoshimori is shocked by the number of Ayakashi surrounding the house, but Madarao reminds him that they are drawn to the lord. Sumiko Sumimura's Shikigami tells Yoshimori to get rid of the Ayakashi before they grow stronger.

Some distance away from the house, the Unnamed Man prevents his Ayakashi companion from joining the others.

Yoshimori emerges from the house and begins destroying the Ayakashi. He is eventually caught off guard by a group of Ayakashi who bind him and close in to attack, but Sumiko's Shikigami saves him and calmly notes that he could have died. Yoshimori enters the blank state and summons Shiguma. The Shikigami warns him to still be careful, since he cannot currently handle this many Ayakashi. Madarao agrees that there are a very large number, and wonders if something else could be attracting them.

The Ayakashi companion grows restless and bored, but the man warns he'll get hurt if he doesn't take this seriously.

Sumiko's Shikigami has to save Yoshimori a second time, and decides to offer some advice. She teaches him to use Sensory Kekkai in order to detect and pinpoint the location of enemies around him.

The man orders his companion Kumon to step back, allowing him to just barely the avoid the Kekkai's reach.

Yoshimori can only maintain the Kekkai for a second. Sumiko's Shikigami tells him to use it every night.

The man explains to Kumon that Yoshimori's range is limited, and so long as Kumon does not cross the boundary, he will not be noticed. The man decides they will attack tomorrow.


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