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Sumiko Sumimura rejoins Yoshimori and Tokine after they successfully locate Chushinmaru Karasumori, and together they return to the castle's entrance. Sumiko states that because the lord is a noble, he cannot simply go outside as is. She takes out a black orb and suggests that he ride in it instead. Tokine realizes this is because the lord's power is dangerous and has been sealed up until now. Chushinmaru is at first reluctant, but Yoshimori reminds him of the promise to take him somewhere better, so Chushinmaru agrees to cooperate. Tokine wonders if it will be as simple as Sumiko makes it sound. The transfer is successful, resulting in Chushinmaru's body vanishing, and a white flame appearing in the orb. Sumiko instructs Yoshimori and Tokine to leave before her, while she carries the orb in a box. The reason for this is not clear until they are outside, and the castle vanishes instantly. Sumiko explains that the castle existed only for the lord's sake, and without him it ceased to be. Likewise, anyone still in the castle would have vanished as well. The gathered Night Troop members are allowed to see the orb, and Yoshimori describes Chushinmaru as an energetic child, which shocks them. Sen notes that not even a minute passed since they went in, and Sumiko explains that time inside the castle was stopped so the lord would not grow. Makio asks if the site will become normal once they remove the lord. Sumiko says it will remain a sacred land, but they no longer have a reason to fight here. Yoshimori realizes she is right, and recalls how this has become a part of his life, and now seems natural. Tokine is merely glad that the danger has passed, and yet all their work there has not been discredited.

As the group moves to the gates of Karasumori Academy, the school suddenly collapses and is totally destroyed. Sumiko says this is because the ties to Karasumori's power have been cut, and that not even their power can restore it. Sen Kagemiya wonders if this explains the vision he saw of Karasumori's destruction. Sumiko tells Yoshimori to properly say goodbye to Tokine, since he won't be seeing her for a while.


Volume 30
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