Chapter 289
Chap 289
Chapter Details
Volume: 30
Japanese Title: 鬼ごっこ
Translated Title: Onigokko
English Title: Game of Tag
Released (Japan): August 18, 2010
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Madarao is confused by Yoshimori's plan. Yoshimori explains that the lord must be bored. Madarao hears footsteps, and Yoshimori quickly runs after them. A voice invites Yoshimori to play tag. Tokine also hears a child's voice, and Yoshimori runs past her at full speed. Tokine trips him with a Kekkai and demands an explanation. Yoshimori explains that he was chasing the lord of Karasumori, who he believes to be a child. The voice invites them to follow the sound of clapping, but Tokine is worried that Karasumori might overwhelm Yoshimori again. Yoshimori brushes this off, but Tokine pleads with him to be more careful. Yoshimori blames himself for that time, assures her that he'll watch himself this time. He states plainly that Karasumori isn't evil, and that because he's been trapped for 400 years, he'll want to play more before he comes out. Yoshimori hears the clapping and runs off, and Tokine promises to help out by showing him what she's learned. Tokine uses spatial phasing to dive through a wall and catch the lord as he runs past, but he easily avoids her and keeps running. They come to a room filled with playing children, and Tokine is unable to tell which one is the lord, since they don't know what he looks like. Yoshimori searches until he spots a closet and opens it, revealing a pale young boy hiding inside. The boy tackles Yoshimori, knocking him to the ground, and begins to laugh. Yoshimori asks for his name, and the boy introduces himself as Chushinmaru. Tokine is unable to believe that Chushinmaru has been the cause of all their trouble as Yoshimori continues to play with him.


Volume 30
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