Chapter 285
Chap 285
Chapter Details
Volume: 29
Japanese Title: 最後の夜
Translated Title: Saigo no Yoru
English Title: The Last Night
Released (Japan): May 18, 2010
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance


Yoshimori is shocked by the sudden return of his mother, Sumiko Sumimura. Yoshimori demands to know why she's returned without warning, and why she didn't show her face while handling the Dragon Deity. Sumiko merely smiles and says she can move with confidence when things are in chaos. She asks Yoshimori to show her his Musou state, which only shocks him further.

Shigemori is greatly annoyed at Sumiko for being gone so long and orders her to apologize to Shuji and the boys. Toshimori excitedly shows her all of his school accomplishments, and Shuji asks for her help in the kitchen.

At dinner, Yoshimori is oddly quiet, while everyone else has basically reaccepted Sumiko back into the Sumimura Home. Shigemori finally asks why she returned, and Sumiko says she's come to move the lord of Karasumori. She reveals that his soul is unable to die, and that she and Yoshimori will accompany the lord the following morning. Shuji refuses to allow this since Yoshimori will miss school, but Sumiko points out he is the most in sync with the lord. Shuji criticizes her for pushing her children away when they need her and only using them when she needs them. Yoshimori insists that it's fine, but Shuji storms away, and Sumiko follows him. Shigemori asks Yoshimori if he's really okay with this. Yoshimori replies that Karasumori is at its breaking point and that he's been preparing to seal it all along.

That night, Tokine and Hakubi leave the Yukimura Home for Kekkaishi duties, and spot Yoshimori leaving his home as well. Tokine thinks Yoshimori looks depressed and assumes it's because of Souji Hiura being missing. She goes to talk to him, but is shocked by the sudden appearance of Sumiko in a Kekkaishi uniform. Sumiko tells Tokine to come help them get the lord, and though she is greatly confused, Tokine follows them to Karasumori.


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