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Yoshimori is depressed by Souji Hiura's disappearance.

In a flashback, Fumiya Somegi says the prints suggest that Souji left on his own. Sen Kagemiya feels certain that the Commander called Souji back, since he left his belongings and took only the clothes he was wearing. Yoshimori is distressed because he urged Souji to make his own choices, but Fumiya belives that Souji is taking care of himself the way he sees fit. Yoshimori asks where the Commander is, intending to confront him, but Sen points out that no one knows that at the moment.

Saigo Enjouji mourns the fact that Guillotine Island was destroyed by fire.

Namihira returns to the Investigation Office to apologize for vanishing. Chief Kouzou Tanno admits he always knew Namihira was one of Okuni's people, but that it wasn't a serious matter. Namihira asks if he could have his job back, offering to share information he gathers from the Records Office. Kouzou reminds him that all investigators must remain neutral, and Namihira begs him, stating that he only wishes to expose the truth, as was Okuni's will. Kouzou finally says he would be willing to sell information, since the office is on a tight budget. Namihira happily agrees.

After their meeting, Kiyoderu Yuugami enters the office. He calls Kouzo naive, since only Okuni's talented people are sent on solo missions. He mentions having infiltrated the Records Office himself, since others did the same, and Okuni accepted anyone willing to follow the rules. Kiyoderu asks if he could have a job as well, since his old office was burned, and he wants to seek revenge against the one responsible.

Masamori arranges for several of Okuni's subordinates to assist him in a spell. Masamori recognizes what he is about to attempt may be forbidden, but it could bring him one step close to the Commander.

Sumiko Sumimura unexpectedly returns to the Sumimura Home, leaving Yoshimori in shock.


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