Chapter 282
Chap 282
Chapter Details
Volume: 29
Japanese Title: 記録係
Translated Title: Kirokugakari
English Title: Log Keeper
Released (Japan): May 18, 2010
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


At Night Troop Headquarters, Kei Sazanami reports that after reading Souji Hiura's mind, he found all information related to the Sousui blocked. Sazanami describes it as a gatekeeper present in Souji's mind, that keeps others from accessing it. Masamori Sumimura is puzzled by the report, because Sazanami makes it sounds as if the Sousui's psychic power is a living thing that can live in the mind of another. Sazanami explains that a psychic typically channels their power into a specific form to more easily control it. Masamori recalls that Yumeji Hisaomi used a kind of starfish, though Sazanami likens it more to a combination of a starfish and a spider, adding that power in the form of a living being is easier to handle. He describes the Sousui's psychic avatar as a sea serpent capable of residing in a person's mind. Sazanami mentions that the boy Kekkaishi used in the Karasumori Assault, later found by Shu Akitsu, despite being controlled by Yumeji, was unaware when his control was removed, and only had very vague memories. Souji, on the other hand, had no memories beyond 4-5 years ago, meaning that the majority of his memories were made up of the time he spent at the Sumimura Home. Sazanami also says that the only information related to the Sousui in Souji's mind was a girl called Suigetsu, who took care of Souji. He is able to determine that she is a log-keeper, a person whose eyes and mind were restructured to store information, virtually making them human databanks. Because each department in the Shadow Organization had at least one log-keeper, Sazanami suggests that if they can find out which one Suigetsu worked for, they can also find the Sousui's location.

At the Sumimura Home, Yoshimori prepares an enormous cake to celebrate Souji's recovery, and gets Sen Kagemiya, Shu, and Toshimori to help him bring it into Souji's room. Souji is stunned at first, but accepts the cake. Yoshimori forces Souji to try different treats, trying to discover if he has a preference. Souji admits to liking chocolate, though only because of the color. Yoshimori promises his next cake will be chocolate, anyway.

Meian gathers all of the Shadow Organization's log-keepers so that Masamori can interview them, but warns him to both protect them from the Sousui, and not to use them for evil. Masamori accepts the responsibility readily.


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