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Shichirou Ougi apologizes to Yoshimori for the way things happened, and asks how "Number Three" is as Masamori Sumimura joins them. Yoshimori insists that isn't Souji Hiura's name, but Shichirou points out that Souji Hiura itself is only an alias, and he has no real name. Shichirou adds that Souji wasn't his target and that it would be troublesome if he died, and offers to bring in the Ougi clan's best healers. Shichirou states that he only kills those he intends to. Masamori agrees that it is likely the Ougi clan has good healers, which gives Yoshimori some faint hope that Souji can be saved. Yoshimori asks why Shichirou kills people, and Shichirou says it is his job, and he neither likes it nor hates it. He says his family has always been power hungry and would sacrifice anything to keep it. Likewise, it is impossible for him to escape his surroundings, even though he has his own way of doing things. Sen Kagemiya reports that Souji can't move but is now awake. Yoshimori says he won't forgive Shichirou, but feels he understands what Shichirou was saying. Shichirou gives Masamori a card with a phone number on it, saying he can call in a favor within an hour's time. He says it is a favor for saving Rokurou Ougi. Masamori asks about Rokurou, and Shichirou says he is healthy enough to have left home, but seems oddly amused by the fact that Rokurou hates him. As Shichirou begins to leave, Masamori asks him if the Commander is the one he works for. Shichirou flies away without answering.

The repairs to Karasumori Academy have been completed. Tokine asks Makio for an update on Souji. Makio tells her not to worry, and to cheer Yoshimori up if he becomes depressed.

The next morning, Kakeru's body reforms at Karasumori. She is immediately approached by Ichigou, who says her regeneration took longer than usual. He tells her that Michiru was completely destroyed, but Kakeru does not seem to accept this. Ichigou points out that she is the only immortal one, and carries Kakeru away over her loud protests. Kakeru swears she will destroy the entire world.


Volume 29
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