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Tokiko Yukimura is concerned by how different the white sphere surrounding the school is from the Kekkai that stopped the giant gear. Though she knows Yoshimori was responsible for both, she suspects that he has tapped into Karasumori's power, and fears that power cannot be controlled.

Tokine is very worried about Yoshimori, but Sen Kagemiya assures her that he did the same thing while fighting Kokuboro, and that the "white Zekkai" will only harm enemies, as it is born out of a desire to protect. He assumes Yoshimori will return to normal once he wakes up. Souji Hiura begins to sit up, and Sen tries to stop him out of concern for his wounds, but Sen relaxes, confident that Yoshimori is protecting them. Sen begins to rethink, and realizes the conditions are different from the last time. In Kurosusuki, Yoshimori protected Sen before he could be harmed, but this time, he reacted only after Souji was wounded. Tokine tries to get Yoshimori to respond to her voice, with no success. She finally grabs him, and he does not seem to recognize her. Tokine hugs him in desperation, and the white sphere vanishes. At the same time, Souji collapses.

Sen later reports the current situation to Masamori Sumimura. Though the intruders were dealt with, though Shichirou Ougi's fate is unknown. Shu Akitsu found the Boy Kekkaishi who attempted to make contact with Karasumori's spirit world, but he had apparently been brainwashed and had no idea what was happening. Souji was badly injured, and the Relief Unit is on the way to treat him. Yoshimori is greatly upset about Souji being wounded. Sen describes how Yoshimori created the sphere, but is confident that it is far beyond a Zekkai. Masamori says he is on the way.

After Masamori arrives at the Sumimura Home, Fumiya Somegi promises to join in the healing effort once he has recovered a bit, but then realizes that Masamori is wounded as well. Masamori says he is fine, and asks about Yoshimori. Yoshimori says he's fine. Sen rushes in, clearly panicked, tells Masamori that Shichirou Ougi has returned. Yoshimori overhears and goes to confront Shichirou, who is waiting outside.


Volume 29
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