Characters (in order of appearance)


Tokine Yukimura catches Souji Hiura with a Kekkai. Shichirou Ougi is frustrated because he was told not to hurt "Number Three". Tokine tries to wake up Souji. Souji wakes up and apologizes to Yoshimori for not being able to keep his promise about remaining unhurt. Shiguma tries to get Yoshimori to calm down, but Yoshimori angrily leaves to confront Shichirou, starting to dispel the blank state and Shiguma as well. Realizing something is wrong, Tokine tells Sen Kagemiya to look after Souji. Shichirou notices the white aura around Yoshimori again, though it looks sinister this time. Shiguma vanishes, and Tokine begs Yoshimori to stop because he isn't acting like himself. Karasumori's power emerges again and offers itself to Yoshimori. A huge, white sphere surrounds the school. Shichirou retreats, realizing that it could have destroyed him. Within the sphere, the damage to the schoolground begins to vanish. Sen recognizes the sphere as the same type Yoshimori used in defeating Kaguro, though on a bigger scale. Tokine feels this type of power is abnormal and that Yoshimori has surpassed human limits.


Volume 29
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