Characters (in order of appearance)


Sen Kagemiya recalls Kei Sazanami's warning about how dangerous Shichirou Ougi is, and fears the prophecied god of calamity has finally arrived. Yoshimori places numerous Kekkai around Shichirou to prevent his next attack. Sen tries to warn Yoshimori to stop, but Yoshimori refuses to back down. Shiguma adds that they can produce stronger Kekkai. Shichirou easily breaks all of the Kekkai. Yoshimori confronts Shichirou in the sky and says what he has done is unforgivable. Shichirou attacks, and Yoshimori protects himself with a Kekkai. Shichirou eventually breaks through, but is focused on doing his job, hoping no one else will interfere. He continues destroying the school. Souji Hiura notices that Yoshimori has been wounded and the others are in danger. Shiguma changes into a bird form and urges Yoshimori to focus. Yoshimori places Kekkai around himself and the others for protection. Karasumori's power begins to emerge from the ground and approach Yoshimori, but he tells it to stay back and watch. Shichirou notices a white aura forming around Yoshimori's body, but disregards it so he can completely destroy the bodies. He then notices that Ichigou is gone and begins looking for him. Sensing an attack from behind, Shichirou lashes out with an attack, but finds it is Souji instead. Yoshimori is stunned as he watches Shichirou wound Souji.


Volume 28
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