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Yoshimori asks Michiru and Kakeru if they realize what they've done. Michiru says they do, and Kakeru is shocked that Michiru would cooperate as if they were prisoners. Michiru tells her that this is the end. Kakeru desperately apologizes to Michiru and bursts into tears. This makes Tokine hesitate on what should be done with them. Sen Kagemiya decides to call Masamori Sumimura, but can't reach him. Yoshimori decides that he won't punish them.

Kakeru plainly states her devotion to Michiru, but Michiru remains unmoved. Kakeru's greatest fear is to be abandoned again. Michiru embraces Kakeru, assures her that she is not to blame, but that sins must be paid for.

Shichirou Ougi touches down on Karasumori, immediately landing mortal blows on Michiru, Kakeru, Nigou, and Ichigou with wind slashes. Shichirou explains that he waited for the Kekkaishi to settle their business, and hopes they won't interfere with his. Noting that Karasumori is Yoshimori's family business, Shichirou says he is doing the same for his family, and he is tasked with ending the situation in a grand fashion. He then releases numerous wind slashes, greatly damaging the school and the surrounding area.

Nichinaga Oumi admits this is something he wished to show to Tsukihisa, who is already dead. He wonders if maybe he should have brought Michiru or Kakeru along with him, but Suigetsu points out that it is already too late.


Volume 28
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