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Okuni explains to Masamori Sumimura that Karasumori is different from other Shinyuuchi, in that the power does not come from the land itself. Instead, Karasumori is a living person. Okuni confirms that Karasumori is a spirit reservoir owner, and hols enough power to destroy the world. Tokimori Hazama attempted to seal Karasumori with power borrowed from the land, but the seal failed. This is why the Sumimura and Yukimara families were tasked with guarding Karasumori. Okuni thought it was strange that Kurokabuto would attack Karasumori, given its nature to only attack man or man-made objects. She turned to research, which led her to this conclusion. Okuni adds that Karasumori could choose to share his powers with a rare compatible person, who Masamori realizes is Yoshimori. Okuni urges him to be careful as she begins to pass on. Masamori begs her to stay, asking if she will allow so many mysteries to remain unsolved. Okuni says she has entrusted the those to her subordinates, and that she will pray for Masamori to be strong until his goals are reached. Okuni passes on, and Masamori decides to head to Karasumori.

At Karasumori, Michiru instructs the Boy Kekkaishi to escape, and tells Kakeru to do the same. Kakeru refuses. Michiru says she has sinned and always intended to end herself there. She apologizes to Kakeru and pleads with her to run. Kakeru races to embrace Michiru.

There is a large distortion as the school returns to the ground. Fumiya Somegi explains there is nothing to worry about, and promptly collapses.

Yoshimori immediately surrounds Michiru and Kakeru with a Kekkai, and Shiguma announces it is time to punish them.


Volume 28
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