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Yumeji Hisaomi explains that he realizes it is difficult to trust him, since he caused trouble in Karasumori. Just as he is about to leave, Masamori Sumimura says he believes in Yumeji's desire to risk his life to save the Shadow Organization, and dispels his Zekkai. Yumeji's starfish begin to move in, but Masamori quickly places a large Kekkai around the two of them. Masamori says if he senses an attack, he will destroy Yumeji, because he is willing to risk his life as well. Yumeji can only stare in shock as he is suddenly slashed apart by a hail of Zero's swords. Having met his goal, Zero flies off.

Kouya approaches Masamori and warns him that the fire is approaching. Okuni's spirit appears and congratulates Masamori on his strategy. Masamori is upset that he lost the chance to open Yumeji's heart due to his own hesitance. Okuni says he worries too much. Masamori suspects that the reason Okuni had so many subordinates was because she was a nice person, though Okuni will not admit to this. Masamori realizes that Okuni's spirit is about to pass on, and Okuni wishes to tell him the secret of Karasumori before she leaves.


Volume 28
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