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Masamori Sumimura tells Yumeji Hisaomi about Kei Sazanami, a psychic in the Night Troop who can read minds, but cannot materialize his power. Masamori guesses that Yumeji has two powers: one that controls plants and nature, and one that is mind control. Masamori begins to realize that various people have likely been under mind control: the Commander's puppet soldiers, Yashiro, and Okuni's Subordinates that are working with Zero. From this, Masamori concludes that the Commander also has the power to control minds, and that the brothers have been controlling the entire Shadow Organization this way. Yumeji is unconcerned when confronted with this, but Masamori is furious. Masamori admits that though he cannot see psychic attacks, he can sense them, and his Zekkai can guard against them, so it is pointless to try and control him. Masamori urges Yumeji to confront the Commander. Yumeji is amused, pointing out that Zekkai is a perfect technique for someone with a heart that rejects everything, and doubts that anyone would ever believe Masamori's words.

A single clump of forest rises from the dome, and Zero drives many swords into it, attempting to corner Tsukihisa. Masamori survives thanks to his Zekkai, and summons Kurohime to search for Yumeji. Masamori finds Yumeji wounded and half buried. Masamori again urges Yumeji to face the Commander. Yumeji says because of his own betrayals, the Commander will never stop until he, the organization, and the past are buried. Yumeji tells Masamori to kill the Commander in order to stop him. He asks Masamori to put away his Zekkai if he is serious about establishing trust between them, all the while secretly spreading his starfish around the area in an attempt to brainwash Masamori when his guard is lowered.


Volume 28
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